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Quick Start

In this section, we will introduce, how to scaffold a Storefront X application on your local machine. The created project will be using a build setup, based on Vite and allow us to use Storefront X modules eco-system.


Creating your first Storefront X project

With NPM:

npm create storefront-x@latest

or with Yarn:

yarn create storefront-x

This command will install and execute create storefront-x, the official Storefront X scaffolding tool. You will be presented with prompts to choose what module configuration you want to scaffold (we have several module setups based on your back-end solution).

? Target directory » storefront-x-app
>   Blank application
    Vanilla Magento integration
    Full-featured Magento

Scaffolding project in ./<your-project-name>...

✔ Done.

Once the project is created, follow the instructions to install dependencies and start the dev server:

>   cd storefront-x-app
>   yarn install
>   yarn dev

This will create a dev-ready build of your app in the project's ./sfx directory. Behind the scenes Storefront X collects all your files in enabled modules and creates a build directory, we call this process Bootstrap. With each module setup you get a fully functional e-commerce solution with example components.

  • The recommended IDE setup is Visual Studio Code + Volar extension
  • More information about other e-commerce integrations can be found here: Magento
  • To learn more about the underlying build tool Vite, check out the Vite docs
  • Storefront X is TypeScript ready. All the modules support autocomplete in your IDE

When you are ready to ship your app to production, run the following:

>   yarn build
>   yarn serve

This will create a production-ready build of your app in the project's ./sfx/.dist directory. Storefront X builds one directory for client and one for server. Your application is exposed on port 3000. You can find more about build or serve options ( like on what port it runs ) here CLI


Storefront X has just one configuration file which controls how your application is built storefront-x.config.js. This file specifies which modules are enabled and in what order they are loaded.


Every time you change storefront-x.config.js, you will need to restart development server/rebuild the application.